Changing Levy Coast Essay Contest

Hey students!

Interested in learning more about impacts of sea level rise where you live plus a chance to show off your writing skills and win a cash prize?

Sure you are!

We are hosting an essay contest for students from 4th to 8th grade to write a 1 to 3 page paper telling us why you think planning for sea level rise and coastal change is important in Levy County.

A few simple steps to enter:

1.  Download and print the official rules/consent form.  Make sure to read the format rules so your essay can be considered and have a parent or guardian sign the consent form. This must be sent in with your essay.  Coastal Change Essay Info + Consent

2.  Put your research cap on! Check out all the great video and activity links below to learn about sea level rise issues.  Don’t forget to ask a parent or teacher for help if anything is difficult to understand – it’s a great chance for everyone to learn something new!

3.  Sharpen up those writing skills!  Get to work on your essay and remember all entries must be submitted by November 8th, 2013.

Essays can also be faxed to 352-392-3308, cover page Attention to Sarah Thompson, Coastal Change Essay Contest

So what are you waiting for?  Take a look at the links below to get started!

  • Check out a video about sea level rise:

  • Watch a video of Levy County residents talking about sea level rise:
  • Watch a video and read some questions/answers about sea level rise in Florida:
  • Watch a video about the causes of rising sea levels:



NASA’s Climate Kids – Planet Health Report: Sea Level

National Geographic – Sea Level Rise

Student Guide to Global Climate Change

Windows to the Universe – Rising Sea Levels


Click on an image below to learn more about coastal change and community planning.

Take NASA’s quiz and test your knowledge about sea level rise!

Create you own storm surge model!

Explore the American Planning Association website and find out what a Planner does!

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