Rooted in Resilience Video Premier

Updated Video Premiere

On May 3, 2019, the Cedar Key Historical Society hosted at the Cedar Key School the Premier Video Screening of all seven of the videos produced by the Rooted In Resilience project. The videos featured historical research and interviews of Cedar Key School middle and high school students and local building owners and residents, to learn about the past impacts of storms, and how people have responded and adapted.

Principal Lawrence welcomed the attendance of about 50 people, including the participating Junior and Senior Beta Club students and their teachers and families, the owners and residents of the six buildings profiled in the videos, the Cedar Key Historical Society Executive Director and Board, Cedar Key News, and other distinguished guests, including City and Levy County School District leaders.


Gathering in the Cedar Key School auditorium for the Rooted in Resilience Video Premier

The Cedar Key Historical Society members served a delicious homemade breakfast buffet. Then, Kathryn Frank, UF associate professor and director of the Rooted In Resilience Project, spoke briefly about the project and introduced Marty Hylton, who is Principal Investigator of the larger project – Cedar Key Flood Visualization.

The main event of the Premier Video Screening was showing the seven videos produced by the Rooted in Resilience project: first, an 8-min overall video about the project and Cedar Key’s resilience to storms based on all six buildings profiled; followed by six 3-4-min videos, one for each of the six buildings. In the spirit of community participation, Dr. Frank gave the audience comment cards, to note any last edits to make prior to finalizing the videos (the Rooted in Resilience team also previewed the videos with the students and teachers earlier in the week, with edits made at that time too).

With the lights back on, Dr. Frank and UF graduate researchers Kate Nelson and Tatum Edge recognized the participating students, teachers/group leaders, and building interviewees at the podium.


Dr. Frank recognizing the students who profiled the Cedar Key United Methodist Church.

Following the event, the Rooted in Resilience project team, including video editor Suzanne Summa, made the final edits recommended by the audience.

The final videos are available below, and they will be highlighted along with the final presentation of the larger project, Cedar Key Flood Visualization, on Tuesday, May 14, at 5:30pm, at the Cedar Key Public Library. The public is invited to this free event.

Rooted in Resilience Videos

The project team is proud to post the final videos below, which reflect the perseverance, community spirit, and ingenuity of Cedar Key and the town’s neighbors, expressed through the students’ genuine voices and the lived experiences of the building owners and residents, who care deeply about their place and its future.

Overall Video – Rooted in Resilience, Cedar Key FL

Island Hotel (1859)

Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast (1880)

Cedar Key United Methodist Church (1889)

Cedar Key Public Library (1898)

Drummond Community Bank (1912)

Cedar Key City Hall (circa 1930)

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