Saltwater Intrusion

After engaging with many residents in Levy County it is apparent that there are a couple of concerns related to sea level rise that are consistently coming up. One of these concerns is saltwater intrusion and how it is related to sea level rise. Saltwater intrusion is the process by which coastal groundwater aquifers become contaminated by sea water, raising their salinity. It is caused by three primary processes: overdrafts of coastal wells, reduction in groundwater flows due to withdrawal elsewhere or drought, and sea level rise. As the sea level rises, the balance of fresh and salt water is shifted in favor of the salt water, allowing it to filter into the fresh water system. A higher sea level means saltwater may penetrate wells in low-lying communities. This could reduce the availability of freshwater for coastal communities.

Click on the illustration to learn more about saltwater intrusion.

Please visit the link below to find out how the island community of Cedar Key dealt with saltwater instrusion this past summer.

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