Conclusion of the Civic Engagement Studio

As the fall semester comes to a close, the studio class would like to wish our professor, Gail Easley, a wonderful retirement. Gail has been an invaluable asset to the studio. Her experience, leadership, and charisma contributed greatly to the success of the studio’s public outreach. All the students have benefited from her guidance and will carry her advice with us throughout our professional careers. We wish you the best of luck in you future endeavors and thank you for a wonderful studio experience!

Information gathered from the fall studio’s public outreach will inform next semester’s Spring Studio course focused on design and adaption strategies for coastal change in Levy County. Dr. Joseli Macedo, Director of theĀ Center for International Design & Planning, will teach this course.

The Civic Engagement Studio class with Gail Easley:



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1 Response to Conclusion of the Civic Engagement Studio

  1. jcgator1 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gail. So sad that she wont be back to teach next semester but so Happy for her! Thank you Gail for an AMAZING Studio!!!!

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