Informal Practices for Hurricanes

The results of a new project will be presented to the public on May 31, 2018, at Cedar Key Hurricane Prep Day. The project website and print version are now available; and the project brief and posters from the event.

The project, Informal Practices for Hurricanes, documents the informal practices for hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery in Cedar Key FL, and to some extent the neighboring Rosewood area, in order to:

  1. Pass along knowledge to persons newly assisting with hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery in Cedar Key and Rosewood.
  2. Share with other communities the practices of small town and rural hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery.

This project is a special volunteer initiative between the University of Florida and the City of Cedar Key, with assistance from the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District, Levy County, and regional government agencies. The project originated from conversations between a Cedar Key official, graduate students in the UF Student Planning Association, and Prof. Frank during the cleanup following Hurricane Hermine in 2016.



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